Bloganuary 2023 Day 9: What Is The Most Memorable Gift You Have Received?

The Most Memorable Gift I Have Ever Received Is…

A photo of my necklace inside the box it came in, with my brother's message.

It’s this, a gold and sapphire heart necklace from my brother, from the company FLAWD Gems. Each gem is natural, hand-picked and is imperfect and unusable in the eyes of many jewellery retailers, but FLAWD take them in and turn them into beautiful items instead. I’ve never worn it because it’s made with gold, and being White British with cool undertones to my skin then gold tends to wash me out. If you understand skin tones and jewellery then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

In the box lid is the message “Happy Birthday Skizzy! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be genuine xxx” which, he told me, is a reminder to love myself as I am. I can be perfectionistic, and he wanted me to remember that it’s okay to have my own flaws. too.

That’s it for today’s Bloganuary post! Join me again tomorrow 🙂

Happy reading, and happy writing!

Helen xx

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