The Triple B’s

The last few days have been ones of determination and weakness; the will to have less, and still succumbing to the need for more. I didn’t really need six additional corydoras in my aquarium, did I? How about a compromise, like three, or four?

Dear Reader, I was too weak. How could I say no to my beloved corydora?

Three probably would have been fine, sure, but what if they got a bit sad and lonely? Don’t they like to shoal together? Shouldn’t I make sure they have friends?

They arrived on Friday.

Six panda corydoras fish in water in a blue bucket

I know that you’re supposed to isolate new fish before introducing it into your community tank, but we barely have room for two desks and so a hospital tank is a no-brainer. To compromise for that I buy from sellers that I know and trust and I’m careful to only ever add the fish – not the water they came in – to my aquarium, I also have a UV filter running constantly to kill off any nasties. The white patches that I thought were a fungal infection (“this is why you isolate!”) are actually just typical panda corydora colourings it seems, so I can heave a sigh of relief there. All is well, they seem active and happy.

The pygmy corydoras have come out from hiding too, which I hoped is exactly what would happen. One even seems quite besotted with the pandas and seems to follow one of them everywhere. Watching these two swim about made me think of this song.

The challenge with introducing the corydoras to the tank on the same day as my routine weekly water changes meant that I needed to adapt things. I didn’t want the corydoras to get cold – they’re tropical fish, after all – but I also couldn’t really stop midway through the water change. To combat that, somehow I had to do both at once.

So I set up a kind of system.

A bucket on top of a fish tank with two tubes in the lid. A system set up to change water and acclimatise new arrivals.

The bucket on top and the left tube, Dear Reader, is clean, treated (made aquarium safe) water syphoning into the tank. The tube on the right is an outlet to the bucket of corydoras, which were drip acclimatised to the new conditions. In the middle is my tank of beloved aquatics pets, blissfully going about their business and none-the-wiser to the complicated system that I’d set up above their heads. With that done, I couldn’t help but think how pipes in and out made me think of Bill’s dialysis machine. It’s very rudimentary comparatively, sure, but…

There are filters and chemicals involved too so you know. I’m sure you’d object to me keeping you instead though 😉

Bill referred me to a link, which I will share here because this feat of ingenuity and determination is frankly remarkable.

I shall ignore the comparison to a fish!, he says. I giggle.

I didn’t compare you to a fish either, I said your machine was a more complex version of that which I had created. I also said that you would object to me keeping you, not keeping you like or comparing you to a fish. Though if the shoe fits, Mr W… 😉

I love this with Bill, in fact I love this with Matt too, the fact that we can “cross swords” and not have it end in nastiness. We’re all sure enough of who we are not to get nasty, and if it does end in hurt feelings then we are very quick to apologise. It makes for a more playful, more healthy, more wholesome and fun dynamic. I know I’ve had partners in the past too who loved and loved me for my ability and willingness to spar with words. As long as it’s not nasty, it’s cool.

For their part, the new arrivals do seem rather settled in already.

A panda corydora catfish hides under an artificial plant.

In the past few days we put up some new blackout curtains and, to reduce waste, we also put up a curtain pole from which we hung the old curtains to hide some shelves in the alcove. While we redress the bedroom window, Matt decides to kneel on his desk for some height.

“Oh! You do do look good knelt on my desk. So composed, what a good boy!” I muse. I’m probably lucky I’m not within striking range.

“Your desk?” Matt asks.

“You haven’t paid me back for your use of it, so technically” I shrug. “Technically, if you’ve taken it from me and didn’t ask or pay me back, then I’m pretty sure the law classes that as theft. Tsk tsk” I tease. “I’ll send you some soap for Valentine’s Day” I add with a wink.

“Do you want me to pay you back?” Matt asks pointedly. I know this move, it’s a threat and a warning. Don’t challenge me, because I will.

“We’re good” I acquiesce.

I decided to get some curtain tiebacks to keep the place looking tidy, and so that Hugo can come and go as he pleases (his bed is under the shelves) during the day without getting bapped in the face by a curtain.

I’m not sure what possessed me exactly, but I had a burning question in mind – would these magnetic curtain tiebacks fit me as a BDSM day collar? It turns out that yes, they would! Not my colour at all, but hey!

Goofinf around with a curtain tieback as a BDSM collar.

The blackout curtains, however, are making a huge difference to my sleep. I went to bed at 2AM and slept soundly through until 11:30AM, I even missed my alarm. The street light outside can’t keep me awake anymore, and the bedroom doesn’t feel dark in the day too boot. I can lie in bed and watch the fish at night, and everything feels okay – even great. I have a dash of luxury and even privilege in my life now, and so I should.

Burned out somewhat from writing a very last-minute, pre-Valentine’s Day review post last week, I held my head in my hands and rubbed my eyes. I was admittedly exhausted, but the generally pacing myself more now is paying off in dividends. I’m chopping and changing, making adjustments, doing more in areas where I need to and doing less in the areas where I don’t. Even if I still have too much to do on my to-do list most days, it takes me no more than a day to bring it down to a level that I deem ‘reasonable’ again, and no more than 2-3 days to get back on top if I’ve really let it get out of hand. Even tidying up isn’t the craziness that it used to be anymore – collect up coffee mugs, wipe down the surfaces and it’s pretty much done for the day.

But I wanted to get that post done on Friday because my next post would have otherwise been the tenth – too close really to count for Valentine’s Day. There was an opportunity for me there, and I had to take it for the sake of my blog. Once a fortnight as of Friday I promised myself – deal!

“I feel like all I’m good for is blogging” I say to Matt, somewhat sardonically. I love what I do and I’m very happy to be good at what I do, but in being good at what I do then sometimes I forget the other things that I like to do too, or the other things that I am good at.

“Aww, that’s just not true” he says emphatically as he rubs my shoulders, “you’re good at baking and breeding as well”. Fortunately for him he moves just in time to avoid me swatting his ass.

“Can we not?!” I squeal in horror.

“I’m worth more than that, you know I am!” I argue. I try to sound covinced, though somewhere inside I’m not so sure I am.

“There there, it’s okay” he says, patting me on the shoulder in mock sympathy. I want to argue it but I can’t deny the inner peace that transcends me. Perhaps, and in some kind of way, then perhaps that really is all I am?

Baking and breeding, I see it now. The weekly baking cookies and breeding rituals 😉 🙂

Sir please, why must you join in my debasement?

Sir just has to join in your debasement, it is basically the lore 🤣

Dear Reader, remember how I said in my last post that these two get along just slightly too well for me sometimes? Well, yeah. I rest my case.

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    1. If you have a light source near you,.definitely. We have a street light more or less right outside our bedroom window and I sleep on the inside, so yeah it’s very annoying. I’ve definitely felt better for two night’s good sleep.

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